About us

Where It All Started
Parigo was originally established in the UK in 1938 by John Goemans.
Parigo were the first in the world to grow Alstroemerias commercially under glass. In 1959 John Goemans, nurseryman and owner at the time, bred and introduced the first Alstroemeria variety specifically intended for glasshouse growing. By the mid 1960s he had bred an entire collection and it was some years before anybody else could emulate the success.

Prized for their riot of colour, vigorous repeat flowering for the summer months and longevity in the vase, Alstroemeria have become a firm favourite for gardeners and florists alike. Alstroemeria have gone on to become one of the major glasshouse grown cut flower crops in the world today. Their popularity as flowering border fillers has grown tremendously with gardeners who are familiar with the wide range available.

How About Now
After taking over the Parigo brand in 2019, Alec White has reignited the breeding programme once again and already released two brand new Parigo varieties, with one of these varieties, Little Miss June, making it to the Top 20 for the Plant of the Year Competition at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2022.

Frank wanted his father’s legacy to continue and for once again Britain to become known for growing and breeding Alstroemeria. Frank handpicked Alec to take over his treasured family business because of his success in growing peonies and his brand Primrose Hall Peonies. Alec has taken his responsibility seriously and is committed to producing the highest quality alstroemeria plants for our customers as well as exhibiting these wonderful plants at RHS Flower Show in the UK.

Parigo Alstroemeria has now won two RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals in both 2021 and 2022, along with another gold medal at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival. Alec is thrilled with the results as his passion is to show the world what a fantastic assortment of Alstroemeria are available both as cut flowers and as garden plants.

Our Plants
We grow all of our Alstroemeria in 3 litre pots. Alstroemeria are full of vitality so once grown into this size pot they are super strong garden hardy plants ready to perform readily in their new garden homes.

We grow alstroemeria for cut flower production as well as short, medium and talI varieties which are suitable for garden borders and do very well in containers. The nursery is currently growing over 60 varieties of Parigo AIstroemeria and plan to increase the range further, adding new varieties to the collection each year.