New Plants



What Should I Do When My New Alstroemeria Plants Arrive?

Our alstroemeria are all sent out packaged in recyclable packaging via a courier on a next day delivery service so it is important that when your plants arrive you open up the packaging straight away and let your new plants have some fresh air as well as a drink of water.

Don’t allow them to sit in water however as sitting in water for too long could cause their roots to start to rot or become mouldy and this will stunt the plants healthy growth pattern.

All our alstroemeria plants are grown in 3 litre pots and are garden ready. They are packed full of energy ready to thrive in your garden.

It is best to plant them on very soon after they arrive, so they can thrive and establish well in the garden. If it takes you a few days to plant them properly remember to keep them out of direct sun and make sure the pots do not completely dry out.