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Our Plants

We grow all of our Alstroemeria in 3 litre pots. Alstroemeria are full of vitality so once grown into this size pot they are super strong garden hardy plants ready to perform readily in their new garden homes.

We grow alstroemeria for cut flower production as well as short, medium and talI varieties which are suitable for garden borders and do very well in containers. The nursery is currently growing over 60 varieties of Parigo AIstroemeria and plan to increase the range further, adding new varieties to the collection each year. Alongside the varieties originally bred by Parigo, we also grow the Colorita (Princess) series, Inca series, the planet series and Inticancha collection in 3 litre pots.

Why Choose Alstroemeria

Prized for their riot of colour, vigorous repeat flowering for the summer months and longevity in the vase, Alstroemeria have become a firm favourite for gardeners and florists alike.  Alstroemeria have gone on to become one of the major glasshouse grown cut flower crops in the world today. Their popularity as flowering border fillers has grown tremendously with gardeners who are familiar with the wide range available.

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