Shipping Update

The frostiest April in 60 years, the wettest May since records began and also the coldest in 25 years means that as growers we have had a real struggle getting our crop to behave “normally”.

As a small independent specialist nursery who grow our plants in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way, our nursery people care for the crop without extra heat and wait for mother nature to kick in and do what she does best – make things grow. This ensures strong healthy garden ready plants. We feed and nurture the crop until they are fully rooted and strong enough to make the journey from the nursery to their new garden forever homes.

Unfortunately for 2021 this has meant we have had to wait an extra 4 weeks to be able to start sending our alstroemeria to our wonderful customers. We so appreciate your support during this unprecedented year and wanted to thank you for your patience while waiting for your plants.

We are trying to ship as many plants as possible, diverting members of our small team to assist with shipping so we can clear the back log, we hope to have all pending back orders shipped within the next 15 days.

We do understand that everyone is excited to receive their new alstroemeria and eager to find out where their orders are and as a result we are receiving hundreds of calls, emails (sometimes multiple from the same person) and social media messages every day. We are doing our best to reply to everyone but we would prefer to get the orders shipped and get your peonies to you as quick as possible.

Please bear with us, we are not ignoring you, you will get a reply within 7-10 days, sooner if we can, and notification of shipping will take place 24 hrs before your plants arrives as we only use a next day courier service. Our system does not allow for earlier notification at this stage.

Other than that once again thanks to our customers without your support we could not grow the alstroemeria we do.

The Alstroemeria Select team. (All 13 of us) ????