Care Guide

On arrival, remove the plants carefully from the packaging.

Water the plants well, either from above or by standing them in water, but do NOT leave them in water for more than hour or two.

  • Mix fertiliser evenly into good, fresh multipurpose compost.  Put some of this mix into the bottom of the new pot and place the well watered plant onto it. Put more compost around it. The compost should finish level with the top of the rootball, 1-2cm below the rim of the new pot (to allow for watering space).
  • Water fairly lightly from a watering can with a rose
  • Place in a warm, sunny position to grow on for 6-8 weeks in spring/summer, or over winter, until the roots have reached the bottom of the pot.  Water lightly but frequently.  The compost should dry out on the surface between watering.  Then plant out as below.